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December 3, 2023
ISD Newsletter 12/01/23

Don't Forget the ISD Holiday Gathering!
WHEN: December 17th, 12-2pm, following the Metaphysical Service.
WHERE: ISD Lotus Center Headquarters, 124 Co. Hwy 58, Oneonta
BRING: a Wrapped Gift for each person wanting to participate
in the "Thieving Santa" gift exchange!

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November 17, 2023
ISD Newsletter 11/16/23

ISD is a spiritual community that focuses on healing and intuitive connection, and the joy of finding the spirit connection within rather than being told how it should or could be experienced.

We welcome those who want to belong to a spiritual group of like-minded people, in which you can explore and find your own path in a community of love and support.

There are classes, services, events, and a sense of community and fellowship. Energy healing and intuitive messages are delivered as a regular part of the worship service. Classes offer many tools which will help you on your life path, and the community we are creating together is one of openness and acceptance, and the ability to adapt with change and growth.
Welcome Home!!!

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November 2, 2023
ISD Newsletter 11/02/23

VENUS moves into Libra on 11/8 until 12/4. This is Venus' happy place! She rules Libra, which simply means that this is, perhaps, the best place for both the sign and the planet to express their attributes. Libra loves balance, justice, refinement, harmony, and beauty. Venus is our sister planet, our morning and evening star. Except for the Sun and Moon, she is the brightest light in our sky. She can be seen even in urban areas where ambient light overpowers starlight. Goddess light and beauty, grace, and abundance are associated with Venus. This combination can show us how this can be universally true for everyone.

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