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May 16, 2024
ISD Newsletter 05/16/24

The Hawthorn tree is thought to be associated with the Faerie realm and may be included in your thoughts if not physically available.

The cross quarter points emphasize the 8, smoothly flowing from one transition to another in the shape of the infinity loop. The 8 also invokes, “as above, so below.” All is ultimately connected. The year is an 8 year, adding more power than usual to these concepts.

The month of May looks very positive with many ways to express more of our soul attributes, bringing us closer to heaven on Earth. It allows opportunities to build on the incites gained during the recent eclipse season. This is not to say that unrest and conflict do not exist, but that as more of us find, and live, a sacred balance within our own lives, we will see it reflected in our outer world.

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May 2, 2024
ISD Newsletter 05/02/24

Above: Ted Silverhand posing with our ISD Administrator and Website developer, Tami Barrows- Tami wore many hats, as she also is responsible for these beautiful pics, andn helped her son Eden with his Vending Table- "YorkiDoodles", organic dog treats and scarves.

A magical weekend was had by all at the 18th annual SHIFT New York Holistic & Psychic Fair last weekend, April 27th and 28th! By all accounting it was a huge success!

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April 20, 2024
ISD Newsletter 04/21/24

Thanks to all who attended our Mad Hatter's Tea Party on March 26th. Kimberly Winsor led us in a technique for reading Tea Leaves. Thanks Sherry Barton for sharing your hat collection with us and to all for the delectable tea party snacks! We had many laughs and got some intriguing readings for each other! Pictured Lto R: Sherry Barton, Kimberly Winsor, Sali Dellysse, Susan Owens, Marian Burke, Elke Saal, Diana Friedell. Seated Karin Murphy, Tom Landon, and Poppy.

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