Susan Owens

Susan Owens, Trustee

Susan has always had a fascination with all things metaphysical.  Throughout the years, she has worked with Diana and has also taken a number of workshops at Lily Dale.  In the past, more than one psychic has approached her and told her she has a gift that should be further developed.  One psychic in Lily Dale even stopped her on the sidewalk and told her one day she would be doing this work. 

When the opportunity was presented to enroll in ISD’s Intuitive Practitioner program, she took it and is now a Certified Intuitive Practitioner at ISD.  She has had great success and is thoroughly enjoying this work. 

Susan has a strong desire to connect people with their dearly departed loved ones and to provide comfort by delivering messages of love from the other side.

   • Tarot Card Reader & Psychic Medium

   • Susan uses a three card spread to focus on a question or concern you may currently have. 

   • W
orking through the cards and with Spirit, Susan will offer you insight and guidance.

   • Grew up steeped in the metaphysical world

   • Developed her intuitive gifts in classes with Diana Friedell

   • Graduate of the ISD Intuitive Practitioner Program


If you would like to contact Susan, please email her.

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