Apply For the ISD Oneonta Ministry Program

Fill out the form below to apply online for the Ministerial Program at ISD Oneonta. 
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Ministerial Program Application 2 (#10)

Please fill out as much information as you can below.


Personal Information:

Religious Background: 


Discuss your religious background and how it affected your life. What did you learn, how did you apply it, how was your overall experience in religious organizations?

In general, what would you like us to know about the religious background you have, not the spiritual background.

Academic Information:


What connection do you see between your educational and intellectual studies and your spiritual growth? How do they relate for you? What are your thoughts about how intellectual studies and  spiritual studies interrelate? 

Employment Background:


Let us know how your employment history supported or didn’t/doesn’t support your spiritual life. How  do you see your job and career choices as a part of the bigger picture of your life? 

Spiritual/Metaphysical Coursework:

Personal Skills:  

Computer / Technical Skills:

Applicant Signature: 

I, , herewith apply for the Ministerial Program at the Institute for  Spiritual Development. In so doing, I willingly embrace the philosophy and principles of the Institute for  Spiritual Development as expressed in the Declaration of Principles, the Charter, Constitution and By Laws of the organization, and pledge to support and abide by those guiding documents and the authority of the Institute.  

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