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Step one is a meeting with any of the Institute’s Ministerial staff.  The purpose of that meeting is to review the Declaration of Principles and discuss any questions you may have. Membership is annual. Cost of membership is $30 for an individual, $40 for a family. Every January, current members will be asked to renew, and the membership fee is paid once a year.

Membership in the Institute is a little different than in many other organizations.  People normally join after they have been attending for at least six months, and find it to be the right place for them.  It feels like home, and people who choose membership are the ones who wish to ensure the future of the Institute. We don’t actively seek members; members are drawn to us by their interests and commitments. We have many regular congregants who choose not to become members, and they are just as welcome as anybody else. It’s a personal choice.

There are two requirements of membership.  One is that members pledge their financial support, generally on a monthly basis. The amount of the pledge is what feels right to the person pledging and is never discussed or made public. The second requirement of membership is that the members select an area of service, such as volunteering to usher, to bring refreshments, to help at an event or some other area of service to the Institute.

We offer a small discount for classes and events at the Institute to members, to thank members for their ongoing support of the Institute.

If you choose to join, Fill out the form below and click on the "REGISTER" button; we will get it via email,  and the form and give it to one of the Ministers. You can easily email these completed forms to  Contact us with questions.

When you become a member, we invite you to choose an area of service.  The Minister & the board will help you determine where your assistance is best used. Service is FUN at ISD. As one of our senior ministers often says, “If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it correctly”.

For more information, speak with any of the Ministers with gold nametags at the Sunday Service, or contact us.


Please discuss your interest in becoming a part of our vital spiritual community with one of the ministers.


Renew Your Existing Membership

If you are already a member of ISD Oneonta and would like to renew your membership for the new year, please click the link below.

Membership Pledge

Please fill out our membership pledge form.

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