Free Intro to ISD Healing Certification Program 2023/2024. 08/17/23 on Zoom  5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Author:  ISD Oneonta  Date Published:  Aug-12-2023 

Feeling a call to expand and develop your energy healing abilities? ZOOM in and find out what's required for the ISD Healing Certification Program 2023-24. In this last class of our North Star Summer Series, you have an opportunity to  Meet the faculty, look over the course offerings and the schedule and find out if this program will take you where you want to go- to enhance your skills for home use or to heal professionally.

An energy healing certification program for those who are feeling the call to accelerate their own gifts and become more proficient with disciplined practice, under excellent tutelage, with new techniques and healing modalities.  Whether you plan to use your expanded abilities for healing yourself and family members, or to add to your business practice, everyone who completes the whole program becomes a sanctioned healer for ISD, and is certified to practice healing at ISD Services and events.   Register for any one class that appeals to you, without committing to the whole program- OR if you choose to take the whole program, there is  a discounted rate for those who pre-pay for all 9 classes- To receive the discounted rate, you must pre-pay for all 9 classes.  Don’t worry if you miss a class,  they will be repeated.

CLICK HERE to see an overview of the Healing Certification Program for 2023-24

What's a "spiritual healer?" Our healing program director, JoAnn defines it as this: A Spiritual Healer is one who, either through one’s own inherent powers or mediumship, is attuned to channel vital life force energy. A Spiritual Healer works with the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. A Spiritual Healer works in a supportive and cooperative way with modern medical practices.


Jo Ann Wormuth Healing Program Director
Institute for Spiritual Development 
(607) 434-9527

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