ISD Healing Certification Program:
Course Overview 2023-2024

ISD Healing Certification Program

ISD’s Healing Certification Program has helped me find my true purpose in life. I was initially drawn to the program out of a desire to learn more about a topic that fascinated and intrigued me, never truly picturing myself doing energy work outside of my immediate friends and family. But as I progressed through the program, the topics we studied and modalities we explored resonated with me on a deeper level than I ever imagined. Today, I’m Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner with a professional practice and growing client base. I love working in these modalities, and am continuing to explore and learn new ways of serving others through intuitive energy work. I never would have started down this path if not for JoAnn’s guidance and mentorship. I’m so grateful to her and this program for opening up this new world for me.

-Melissa Stagnaro, Intuitive Energy Healer

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