ISD Newsletter, July 13th, 2023

Author: ISD Oneonta  Published On: Jul-13-2023
ISD NEWS- ""The Golden Rule: Where did it Go?"

July 13, 2023

Next Metaphysical Service

Sunday, July 16th, at 10:00 AM

In Person at Lotus Ctr & via Zoom

Homily: ""The Golden Rule: Where did it Go?"

by Jo Ann Wormuth

Emcee: Ally Sutton-Pyle


Intuitively received messages are given by ISD sanctioned mediums for some audience members as a regular part of the service.

Please Stay after service, for Refreshments & Hospitality!

Upcoming classes and events...

"Karma, Kleshas & Koshas" w/Jaya Buckland

Thursday July 13, 2023 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Weekly on Thursday, until July 13, 2023

Via ZOOM -Get Link when you Register

“Karma, Kleshas and Koshas” - What are Kleshas (cause of suffering in this life) Koshas (like auras) What do they hold? What is Karma and how are we affected by all three?


Magical Labyrinth Walk at Harmony Hill!

and Save the DATE for our next Adventure!

Eight of us gathered at the Harmony Hill Retreat on a hot sunny Saturday, July 8th to experience the Labyrinth there. Chris Rosenthal, Reiki Master Teacher and counselor, co-owner of Harmony Hill shared her calling story to "come to the Northeast", and she followed this guidance and found the magical land for Harmony Hill, with her business partner Jana. In 2004 Chris and Jana built the labyrinth by hand (!!) to very precise specifications. The exact spot for the center of the labyrinth was revealed by a very strong pull on the dowser's rods, much to his surprise.

We heard about Labyrinths from Diana Friedell, with more fascinating details on the significance of this replica of the labyrinth in Chartres, and how to walk it shared by Robin Brotherton, who used to own her own Chartres style labyrinth. Many thanks to Kyle Brown, and Karin Murphy for taking pictures. You can view their pics on the ISD website at this link.

We ended our personal insight filled walks with chanting three oms as we circled the labyrinth, and sent healing out to our friends and to the world. Other labyrinth walkers were Larry Brotherton, Frank Steverson, Connie Lull and Joe Rossi. We re-grouped for a delicious lunch at The Diner in Davenport! It was a day of adventure, magic and fun. The labyrinth is open to the public, Chris recommends you call ahead ( to be sure its available at the time you plan to go.

-Diana Friedell

Gilbert Lakek State Park dock


for our NEXT ADVENTURE! August 11th, at Gilbert Lake!

870 County Route 12, Laurens, NY 13796

Activities between 12noon and dusk. . .

Click on link below for details and directions and to Register

Please join us for a celebratory picnic & fun day for ISD Members and Friends at Gilbert Lake State Park, Briggs Pavilion. You won't want to miss this!! There will be yoga with Kimberly, a guided nature meditation with Ally, a nature walk around the lake, Yoga Nidra meditation with Jaya, a Sound Healing Session with the amazing Beth Patella, a wonderful shared meal, a campfire & a chance to kayak and swim. Its going to be a wonderful FREE retreat day for all ages!

All events are free, rain or shine - including catered sandwich makings for dinner- we just ask you to bring a side dish or dessert to pass for the evening! Celebrate our Seventh year together as ISD Oneonta! Its going to be relaxing and rejuvenating, and a blast!


Magdalene Meditation Circle w/Dale Capristo

Thursday July 20, 2023 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Zoom

Dear Friends,

Looking forward to our Magdalena Circle next Thursday, July 20th at 7:00 p.m.

This month's quality is Dignity. I have been embracing this quality more this week, especially since I was on the Facebook live with other panelists to share about Dignity.

You can still see the conversation on the Magdalena Healing FB page.

Also I am sending you the link to the interview with Lucinda Hanover on the quality of Dignity.

May your week be filled with dignity and peace.




Integrated Energy Therapy w/JoAnn Wormuth

Sunday July 30, 2023 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

In person at Lotus Center, 124 Co. Hwy 58, Oneonta, or via ZOOM (map)

This amazing workshop is for anyone who loves angels. Under the guidance of Integrated Energy Therapy© Instructor, and ISD Oneonta's Healing Program Director, JoAnn Wormuth, You will learn how to energetically connect with nine healing angels, and develop a relationship with them which will assist you in your personal transformation. Students will be provided with The Healing Angels of the Energy Field workbook to support their learning experience. Certificate of Completion will be granted. 


Creating Your Unique Holistic Practice

Thursday August 3, 2023 5:30-7 PM

AND Thursday, August 10, 2023, 5:30-7PM

Via Zoom Meeting- get link when you register

$46/$37 Tuition 10% off in Advance= $41/$33 for ISD Members

So you're a gifted reader or healer and friends keep asking you for healing or for a psychic reading. Have you had the call? Is Spirit urging you to set up a practice? This class is designed, for those who feel ready with experience in intuitive development or healing training, to prepare you for the next step. Perhaps you have a practice and want to add a new modality. . . this class is for you.

In this class, taught by 20 year Psychic Intuitive, Diana Friedell, and SHIFT NY Fair Director, we will address everything you need to know to start an effective practice that reflects who you are and your God given gifts. In class we will cover:

• The unique structure of your client session

• Creating rapport, and sacred space.

• Each person will develop their introductory explanation of their unique process

• Each person will write a short effective biography of themselves and what they do, for event promotion purposes

• Each person will write & tell the story of their "calling" to this work, until it is a convenient elevator speech

• We will practice reading for each other, with our new structure, and give feedback to each other.

• Ethics do's and don'ts


Check out our July 2023 events calendar for upcoming events and remember to like and follow us on Facebook, to see our events, guided meditations and homilies posted there. July event calendar  HERE

Prayer Warriors

Just a reminder that we are continuing our Prayer Warriors group, every day at 5pm we pause to pray and send our healing energies where they are most needed right now.

Each day at 5 PM EST, we will pause for about 10 minutes and meditate and pray with the intention of sending healing energy to all.

You do not have to be present each day. Requests for healing or suggestions should be submitted to our Healing Program director, JoAnn Wormuth at the below ISD website link


Our Astrological Forecast

Connie’s Celestial Conversations

Check out this Interview of Connie on Facebook!

She explains how she intuitively receives her Astrology information & invites us to her Star Gazing Dinner

ASTROLOGY FORECAST       (July 18 - 24, 2023)

VENUS goes retrograde in Leo on 7/22 until 9/3. This leaves Venus in Leo for a long time this year, because of the retrograde interval - 4 months. This transit has been assisted by stelliums involving several planets and asteroids. That situation continues. This time the stellium in Leo consists of the Sun, Venus, and Lilith. The focus of Venus for a Leo retrograde is in relationships and finances. Particularly, how does that express itself with Leo traits? You may reexamine the way in which you apply power, dignity, love, self-love, and sovereignty to your Venus traits of beauty, love, relationships and finances. Venus is a personal planet with a beneficial nature. The retrograde in Leo might ask you if you are behaving in a noble manner? The Sun and Lilith stellium with Venus may ask you if the actions you are taking are helping you find a renewed inner balance between the masculine and feminine?

The Sun moves into Fire sign  Leo on 7/22. Leo traits are powerful. This energy exhibits great confidence, leadership qualities, willpower, and regal bearing.The energy comes to everyone through the Sun's effectiveness in Leo, the sign it rules. If wielded intelligently, Leo energy can build up the effectiveness of any group.

If you feel overwhelmed with the Leo energy at any time during its transit there is a method to safely dissipate the energy. If you feel pressure building you may take a deep breath and let it out in several puffs of breath. Be mindful to expel the energy in a direction that does not point at anyone in particular in case they are not in an optimum time to receive such energy. Those who can use it will draw it to themselves, consciously or unconsciously. 

There is also a "catalyst" effect that is less well known. Leo birth natives can bring out the best abilities of those they are around, even if they say nothing. It is an initiatory force. Just as the Sun shines down on everyone, so too can Leo energy. 

Our Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo. It is also called "Helios", and is bringing through energies and coded messages from the Great Central Sun. This Sun is thought to be the Sun at the center of the intersection between the spirit and physical planes. It is the physical white fire Godhead.  This is the total eclipse alignment our Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy reached with the Great Central Sun on 12/21/12 that ushered us into the next Baktun, or Mayan long count. 

Leo energy is available to you. Receptivity to those coded messages will benefit you greatly. You need not perceive with your conscious mind alone. In fact,  you will probably get much better results at this point in time if you feel with your heart in what way the energies may be able to help you. Every part of your soul expression will observe this energy if you are willing.

There are other latent possibilities for Leo energy. I believe most of us know of the alignment of the Egyptian Sphinx with the constellation Leo. There is also an extensive spiritual and mystical connection in Egypt to the feline energy by many of the Goddesses. Alchemy, healing, and some of the mystery schools have powerful feline, feminine energy.

Many Goddesses are associated with other feline qualities that the Leo energy can also be connected to now in addition to the lone male lion depicting power and leadership. I mentioned last month that the Leo lion constellation is directly facing the Cancer crab stars in the sky. The motherhood and community energies of Cancer are well expressed within the Pride, a female group of lions and their young. This can be an expression of group energy that will utilize its power to assist many at the same time. The power of the individual may now include the greater good of the entire group in its best expression. This is a blending of zodiac energies that can be possible in the new Aquarian Age.

Dignity, flexibility, grace, self love, strength, and sovereignty are all Leo traits.

Sovereignty is worth further exploration. We all live our lives in our own personal holograms. We create our own reality with our core beliefs and habitual thoughts. The outside world responds to our thoughts and actions. There is, perhaps, no better Astrological sign to express this self creation and assurance than Leo. Contained within the constellation's stars is the Royal Star Regulus. Regulus is associated with the crown chakra. We will visit this star again next month.

Allow Leo to help you believe in your own Sovereignty, and then use that to be of service in the ways you are best suited to offer.

Asteroid CHIRON  stations retrograde in Aries on 7/23 until 12/23/23. This 5 month time may be able to help you greatly! Chiron is referred to as, "The Wounded Healer." The beneficial action is to present the deepest wounds for consideration and healing. In Aries it is personal. These will be your wounds and your self esteem that can come out of this retrograde in much better shape than ever by the end. Chiron has been performing this service while it's been in Aries. How the retrograde may be different is that you may be able to rethink your methods and come to different solutions that will serve you better. Self love is the aspiration here. 

May you find it!


(July 25 - 31, 2023)

PLUTO squares the North Node of the Moon in the last week. This is another way to move along on your path toward soul growth if you take advantage of the opportunity. Pluto will present you with steps you may have skipped or glossed over from previous incarnations. You will most likely have had instances earlier in this life that illustrate the issues for you. Remember our previous discussions about Pluto. It offers redemption and transformation. Do not be afraid of it. It may not be easy, but these are steps we all must take at some point. Now is the time. The energy supports you. Aries is about exciting new ventures and Pluto in Capricorn is helping clean up your foundation for the departure from this sign in 2024 for the rest of all of our lifetimes. Now is the time!

MERCURY enters Virgo on 7/28 until 10/22. This will be a long transit due to a retrograde interval in August. This is a very strong placement for Mercury. It both rules Virgo and is exalted in this sign. Excellent organization and communication skills in precise detail can be enjoyed here. You may find ways to explain obscure concepts. We all may see new inventions gain expression during this time.

Beginning in July we have four(4) times when the planets will be forming what is called a YOD, or Finger of God chart pattern.  It is very powerful. The dates in 2023 when these will be forming are:

7/26/23 - Pluto/Neptune and


10/03/23 - (2 YODS)

Neptune and Mars/Uranus 

Neptune and Mars/Venus

10/14/23 - Jupiter and 


10/24/23 - Uranus and


They are before and after the second pair of Eclipses. They are potential triggers of major events, or they portend great changes beginning. There was a YOD  formation present on or around the December 2012 alignment of our Sun with the Great Central Sun.  

On 7/26 the planets forming the YOD are Pluto sextile Neptune and Mercury conjunct  Venus, with Lilith within the outer range of that conjunction. 

The aspect is a large isosceles triangle with the planets sextile to each other forming the base. The opposite end is the apex planet forming the point. It is rare and powerful. When it is in a natal chart it speaks to ancestral patterns present for generations going unaddressed. The individual is tasked with attempting to break the pattern. 

Our 4 YOD aspects coming up are in a transit chart. It is no less powerful. It speaks to planetary and cultural patterns that need attention. The fact that they are sandwiched around Solar and Lunar Eclipses is even more significant. We may be in for a big shake up. It may lead to great change. Most will likely consider the changes to be for the better. 

This first YOD has Mercury, Venus, and Lilith at the apex position all conjunct in Leo. This would indicate the changes may concern female power and expression in our society. Perhaps these will be changes that will bring females and their contributions into a more active role in our cultures. 

One of the base planets, Pluto in Capricorn, has been discussed a great deal. Finalizing our reunion with, and transformation of, the shadows is preeminent. The second base planet is Neptune in Pisces. That adds an excellent chance to bring wonderful new dreams into our lives. Neptune rules Pisces and this is a combination that enhances dreams, mysticism, and futuristic endeavors.

This aspect will almost assuredly create a noticeable shift. We should all benefit from whatever comes into being. The nature of the changes and their timing remains to be decided. We can all participate in ways that seem appropriate. Progress that you achieve in your personal life benefits everyone. Don't underestimate your contribution. May we be guided and blessed.

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