5:30-7pm "Ethics and Protocol for Intuitive and Healing Practitioners" w/JoAnn & Diana

January 18, 2024 at 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

2 hours

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All you ever wanted to know about practicing legally, ethically, & correctly in your Psychic & Healing Work. Jo Ann Wormuth, Healing Program Director, and Diana Friedell, Pastor and C o-Director at ISD, review good practice & required protocol for giving messages, and energy healing sessions within ISD and in NY State. Free & Required for Intuitive Practitioner and Healing Program students.

I know, you thought you were in the field of dreams, where freedom rules, and no  one can tell you what to do.  Yes, have confidence that Spirit and God are guiding you in your intuitive messages, and healing sessions, but even in this field, perhaps even more than other professional fields, you need to know the limits and guidelines for right practice. 

This course is open to all Seekers empowering themselves to sharpen their intuitive gifts during these challenging times. 

This is a required (free) class for the Healing Practitioner Certificate Program.  You do NOT need to be enrolled in the Healing Practitioner Certificate Program to sign up for this course. 

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