Community Lightworkers Prayer Gathering & Meet-up with Jesse An Nichols-George

October 16, 2023 at 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Upper Susquehanna Cultural Center

2 hours

Special EventSpecial Event

Upper Susquehanna Cultural Center
79 North Main St.
Milford, NY 13820

Join us for a gathering to welcome and get to know Jesse An Nichols-George, a motivational speaker, life coach and spiritual leader, who is on tour around the country right now and will be in our area on Monday, October 16th, at 5pm at the Upper Susquehanna Cultural Center. She was interested in meeting some spiritual groups in our local area. So we thought of those of you, who have an interest, or been "movers and shakers" in our spiritual enrichment activities in Otsego County- Oneonta, Milford, Cooperstown, and beyond. We like to think our area has a vortex of spiritual energy and upliftment that has fed so many of us on our spiritual journeys! You can find out more about Jesse, and her work here:

We thought this gathering is a good opportunity to meet or reconnect with several other spiritual travelers & leaders in our local area, who are all following their separate callings in unique ways. So Jesse brings us together at a perfect time to combine getting to know Jesse's work, WITH a MUCH needed larger purpose of sending out group healing energy and prayers to the world at this terrible time. Its quite a helpless feeling right now to see this horrible war break out between Israel and Hamas, on top of so many other disasters in the world, leaving so many people desperate and in need of help.

So come join us, bring a dish to pass if you can, and be a part of a momentous occasion. Vibrations will be rippling outward to the world from the Cultural Center in Milford! If you can join us, please reply "coming"- remember parking at the Cultural Center is around the back of the big white church-like building (pictured above), or across the street at the bank parking lot.There is additional overflow parking at the cemetery. If you have a short prayer or poem you'd like to bring let us know that.

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