Foundations 103: "Expanding Psychic Abilities" Part 2, with Diana Friedell

April 9, 2024 at 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Foundations 103 with Diana Friedell

2 hours

Intuitive Development ClassesIntuitive Development Classes

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“Feeling is Believing!” New abilities continue to develop, w/Psychic Diana Friedell, with a profound expansion of our ability to feel & see someone’s aura, energetic state, and medical conditions. In part II we will learn to place events we perceive in the past, present and future, and practice with symbols & metaphors, to assist us in delivering spirit driven accurate messages.

Feel free to jump into part II and receive a recording of part I.

This course is open to all Seekers empowering themselves to sharpen their intuitive gifts during these challenging times.   It also meets a requirement for the ISD Intuitive Practitioner Program.  Rolling Admission. You do NOT need to be enrolled in the
Intuitive Practitioner Certificate Program  to sign up for this course. 



Meet Your Teacher:

Diana Friedell, Co-Director Faculty, Adult Education

  • 20 years experience as a Psychic Medium and trainer of intuitive readers
  • Graduate of “Fellowships of the Spirit,” Lily Dale, NY
  • Founding Director, Pastor, Faculty of the Institute for Spiritual Development, Oneonta, NY
  • Founder/Director of the SHIFT New York Psychic Fair
  • More Info: email:

My name is Diana Friedell, 

I am a wife, mother, psychic medium and minister.

Like many people, I began my spiritual search after a tragedy.  In 1995, My youngest son passed into spirit quite suddenly after a sledding accident. In the turmoil that resulted I began looking for answers, and grasped for spiritual meaning wherever I could find it. 
If there is a God, I thought, then why would God take our Jamie from the safety and bosom of his family.  Ironically, I was the director of religious education at the Unitarian Universalist Church at the time, and the teacher had no answers. 
All the sifting through wisdom of the world religions was not going to bring Jamie back to us. 
I had to begin a search of my own. 
Many paths led to my spiritual understanding and awakening and brought a sense of clarity and purpose back to my life. 
This many years later I can honestly say that all paths led to where I am right now. If there is a Divine spark inside of us that connects us to our “Source Energy,” God, Spirit (whatever you like to call the energy of all creation), then I was going to find it and help others to find theirs. 
I think we are all here to find that spark, to have the confidence to move ahead on our life path, with more joy, knowing we have support from our spiritual fan club to “getter done,” easily, joyfully and with better ability to navigate the bumps and curves.

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