Sunday Spiritual Service

August 20, 2023 at 10:00 am - 11:15 am
Sunday Services Darling Hill

1 hour

Sunday Service

In person at Diana Friedell's home or on ZOOM
400 County Road 58
Diana Friedell's Residence
Oneonta, NY 13820

TODAY the SUNDAY SERVICE IS at Darling Hill Retreat, 404 Ed Herman Rd
Westford NY 13488. The residence of Story Lucile Ducey and John Bee.  Blue house, on the right, red barn.  Ed Herman Rd is a dirt road, please park as far off the road to the left as you can.  There are several spaces on the right side, past the house and barn, in front of a garage like building.

Please bring a dish to pass for hospitality after the service; After lunch, Join us —-for a summer afternoon of metaphysical talk about the mysteries of Stars with Connie Lull, John Bee and Story Ducey—-and You!

Join Us —-for a Celestial Conversations and Q and A with Connie, the author of our ISD Astrology newsletter column and this weekend’s guide to the Stars!
Join us—-for a conversation with John Bee about the influential relationship of Astrology and Reincarnation in our lives —-what are your thoughts?
Join Us—and bring your intuition! We will be doing readings all afternoon to explore what the Spirits of the Stars seek to say to us. Experience an Oracle Group and join in mini readings all after noon.
Let’s Celebrate the summer,
enjoy a sunny afternoon of starlight,
In the gardens, by the pond—-even go for a swim!
Let’s get metaphysical!

Sunday Services are held on the first and third Sunday of every month, normally at the ISD Lotus Center Headquarters, which is currently at the Tom Landon residence, 124 County Road 58, Oneonta, NY.  You can also attend via ZOOM at this link:

This service is a time out from our busy lives to renew, with a like-minded community, and slip into that feeling of connectedness and wholeness, receiving inspiration for the weeks ahead.

We are a God-centered metaphysical church and learning center that draws from the great spiritual teachers of the ages. You might hear a sermon based in Buddhism, the Tao, Hinduism, the teachings of the Essenes, Wiccan teachings, or our brother, the way-shower, Jesus Christ. All traditions of love and light are honored.

We believe that the divine gifts of prophecy and healing are given to all, and everyone can develop those abilities. You will find that those gifts are demonstrated and used in our Sunday services.

The best way to find out more about us is to visit a Sunday service or event. You are most welcome!


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    Co-Directors: Rev. Story Lucile Ducey and Rev. Diana Friedell
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