Kimberly Winsor

Kimberly Winsor, President

Kimberly Winsor is a Registered Polarity Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist.
She is an experienced bodyworker and herbalist of 22 years. After graduating from the NM Academy of Healing Arts in 2002 with a Dual Certification in Massage and Polarity Therapies, training in Chinese and Ayurvedic Nutrition and movement therapies she has enjoyed maintaining a private practice embracing people, animals and the environment. The offering of this material is the culmination of over a decade studying with Jerry Becker of Healing Touch Wisconsin, 2 decades of managing her own boundaries while mindfully touching bodies, a decade working with Marcus Daniels and his Authentic Feeling and the Healing Process workshops, and a prayerful collaboration with higher teachers and guides.

You can contact Kimberly at or go to her website at:

Portfolio of Classes Offered by Kimberly Include...
Sanctity of the Vessel with Kimberly WinsorSanctity of the Vessel, Resolution of Death Space with Kimberly WinsorIntenders Circle w/ Kimberly WinsorUnlocking the Power of Hooponopono w/ Kimberly WinsorMuscle Testing 101 w/ Kimberly WinsorEmpower Nature, Empower Ourselves with Kimberly Winsor

** These are Examples of (past) classes. Please Check the list below to view upcoming events by Kimberly.

To contact Kimberly, please email her at 

Kimberly's Upcoming Classes & Events:

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