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February 15, 2024
ISD Newsletter 02/15/24

This next 4 weeks will be a good time to give attention to, and/or initiate any dreams you have been meaning to create. The more mystical and esoteric they seem the more the energies will support you. Saturn is present to bring order and structure to things that seem out of the ordinary. Soon to follow are 2 Eclipses in March and April while the Sun and Moon are in Aries, the renewal of another cycle. Now is the time to feel and receive from a fuller realm of possibility. The Solar flares are peaking in 2024.

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January 18, 2024
ISD Newsletter 01/18/24

The study of several texts, as well as oral indigenous traditions, mentions a connection between the photon belt, Pleiadian star Alcyone, and the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Science calls this photon belt the “Rings of Alcyone.” This is the observation that our Solar System revolves around the central sun of the Pleiadian constellation, the star Alcyone. This procession takes approximately 26,000 years and we pass through the belt every 13,000 years. This is also found in the form of the Mayan Long Count. (There are discrepancies in the length of years, but not in the “Rings of Alcyone's” existence.)

Some believe we crossed into the edge of the photon belt as early as 1993, all agree that we passed fully into the belt by 2012.

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January 4, 2024
ISD Newsletter 01/04/24

Next up in a month full of delights is the NEW MOON in Capricorn on 1/11. The Grand Trine that is active is now joined with the qualities of any New Moon; new beginnings, new dreams, old dreams becoming more tangible, etc. This has another powerful partner. There is a huge STELLIUM of planets/asteroids in Capricorn this entire week. It begins with the familiar planets; Sun, Moon, Mars, and Pluto. Added to this are asteroids; Psyche, Pholus, and Cupido. MERCURY is directly conjunct the Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius on this day, bringing the most uplifting messages from Deep Space.

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